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Military Products

Military products go through some of the most comprehensive and stringent tests in terms of Quality and Reliability. They have to sustain the quality during design, manufacturing and volume production.

EMTAC Laboratories can offer such comprehensive services, be it the necessary qualification tests during the design and early phase of manufacturing or acceptance testing during volume production.

How EMTAC can help

Here are some most common standards that are applicable and frequently asked by customers. If you do not find a specific standard that you need, there is a whole range of other product and regional standards that we can help you with, please Contact Us.

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EMI/EMC Testing – Check out our facilities, range and limits here

MIL-STD-461E/F/G Tests

  • CE101 Conducted Emissions, Power Leads
  • CE102 Conducted Emissions, Power Leads
  • CS101 Conducted Susceptibility, Power Leads
  • CS106 Conducted Susceptibility Transient Power line
  • CS109 Conducted Susceptibility, Structure current
  • CS114 Conducted Susceptibility, structure current
  • CS115 Conducted Susceptibility, bulk cable injection, impulse excitation
  • CS116 Conducted Susceptibility, Damped sinusoidal transients
  • CS118 Personnel borne ElectroStatic Discharge
  • RE101 Radiated Emission, Magnetic Field
  • RE102 Radiated Emission, Electric Field
  • RS101 Radiated Susceptibility, Magnetic field
  • RS103 Radiated Susceptibility, Electric Field

MIL-STD-704 D/E/F Tests

MIL-STD-461C Tests

  • RE01 Radiated Emission, Magnetic field
  • RE02 Radiated Emission, Electric field
  • RS01 Radiated Susceptibility, Magnetic field
  • RS03 Radiated Susceptibility, Electric Field
  • CE01 Conducted Emission, Power Leads
  • CE03 Conducted Emission, Power Leads

Thermal and Mechanical Testing

JSS 55555 Tests

  • Salt Mist Test
  • Shock Test
  • Bump test
  • Cold (Low Temperature)
  • Damp Heat (Steady State)
  • Dry Heat (High Temperature)
  • Thermal Shock / Rapid
  • Temperature Cycling
  • Tropical Exposure
  • Vibration test