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Positioned as one of EMTAC Laboratories’ unique offerings, this Physical Security Product (PSP) test facility is the first one in India to be accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL).

This facility is a one stop shop for all requirements of PSP products such as fire endurance, fire impact, burglary resistance, etc for multiple classes of safes, strong room doors, fire resistant cabinets and secure storage units.

This lab is packed with action and is a fiery act to witness the proceeds of this testing. We take the right amount of effort and care to ensure that the products are thoroughly validated before they can be installed in the market.

Physical Security Product Test Facilities – Standards and Products

  • Test as per IS 550 (All Classes of Safes, Fire Endurance & Fire Impact Test)
  • Test as per EN 1143-1 (Safes, ATM Safes and Strong Room Doors)
  • Test as per IS 11188-1 (All Classes of Vault / Strong Room Doors including Fire Endurance & Impact Test)
  • Test as per UL 72 (Fire Resistance of Record Protection Equipment)
  • Test as per IS 14561 (Fire Resisting/Insulating Filing Cabinets)
  • Test as per IS 14562 (Fire Resisting Computer Media Protection Cabinets)
  • Test as per IS 14203 (Fire Resisting Record Protection Cabinets)
  • Test as per JIS S 1037 (Fire Resistive Containers)
  • Test as per UL 687 (Burglary Resistant Safes)
  • Test as per IS 5244 (Safe Deposit Locker Cabinets)
  • Test as per 14450 (Secure Safe Cabinets – S1 / S2)
  • Test as per NT FIRE 017 (Filing Cabinets, Data Cabinets and Diskette Cabinets)
  • Test as per EMTAC P-101:2016, a standard developed by EMTAC (ATM Safes)
  • Test as per EN 15659 (Secure storage Units)