Quality Statement | EMTAC
  1. EMTAC is committed to good professional practices and compliance to applicable regulations to ensure the quality of its operations in its testing and examination.
  2. EMTAC shall implement management system as per ISO/ IEC 17025 and other standards, as applicable, to generate technically valid data and results.
  3. EMTAC shall ensure that all personnel involved in the operations are familiar with the policies and procedures of the management system and implement the same in their work.
  4. EMTAC is committed to produce reliable test results by combining processes, that promote efficiency, with technology that is appropriate to meet laboratory goals, and operated by staff who are trained and competent to perform work.
  5. EMTAC shall provide the services in accordance with applicable national and international standards, or any other standard as specified by the customer.
  6. EMTAC shall ensure customer satisfaction by maintaining independence, impartiality and integrity in its operations and improving its management system continually.