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Mandatory Testing & Certification Of Telecommunication Equipment (MTCTE) by Telecom Engineering Center (TEC)

TEC, under Department of Telecommunications (DoT), announced the procedure for Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecommunication Equipment. Such testing shall be carried out by Accredited Indian labs and certificate shall be issued by TEC based on such test reports.

Currently TEC Testing has notified through 2 phases, 9 product categories, that are mandatory for testing certification. Under this scheme, there are several product specific Essential Requirements (ERs) that are published.

How EMTAC can help

EMTAC laboratories is approved by TEC for testing of several products in this scheme. The list of notified products and those in the scope of testing of EMTAC Laboratories can be found here. If you don’t find your product in our scope, we can always help you through our partners.

Here are some useful links about BIS CRS

  • https://mtcte.tec.gov.in/filedownload?name=downloadDocument_mtcte_procedure.pdf
  • https://mtcte.tec.gov.in/filedownload?name=downloadDocument_Notification_MTCTE_launch.pdf
  • https://mtcte.tec.gov.in/filedownload?name=downloadDocument_MTCTE_Phase2_240620.pdf
  • MTCTE Portal: TEC Online Certification Portal
Test feasibility as per Telecom Engineering Center requirements
S. No IS No. Feasibility for EMI/EMC  Feasibility for Safety  Feasibility for Interface 
P1-1 2-Wire Telephone Equipment Yes Yes No
P1-2 Modem Yes Yes No
P1-3 G3 Fax Machine Yes Yes No
P1-4 ISDN CPE Yes Yes No
P1-5 Cordless Telephone Yes Yes No
P1-6 PABX Yes Yes No
P2-1 Transmission Terminal Equipment Yes Yes No
P2-2 PON family of Broadband Equipment Yes Yes No
P2-3 Feedback Device Yes Yes No